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Heart = Engine

To all customers Master Auto, I am Cleiton Weimann and can say that for the almost two years I have known Master Auto we became more than friends, we became a family. I say that, because at Master Auto you walk in the door and Maria was there all crazy aver stuff to get done but once she had you in her face all attention was yours and always she got me amazed with the happy and professional service. Ohhh John and Tony!!! How could I forget these two. Great ITALIANO BROTHERS, and great guys. They also make me part of the family. The first time we met was in 2013, when I brought a friend of mine to by a car. That is when I got to know this great family business. A place that helps the customer so you can get AN AFFORDABLE FIX FOLLOWED BY QUALITY AND WARRANTY! In february 2012 I bought my Chrysler 300 2006. Amazingly, the day I was there with my wife to check the car some other guys came a few minutes latter checking the car. I had to go to the bank get the loan not certain I was getting it, and they had to get the cash. Tony told me once I was back with the check that the guys that come back with 10k in cash but he HONORED HIS WORD. Now I have a awesome car I use for livery and they still service it. SUCH IS THE QUALITY OF THE WORK. John is the active boy. Not even a cancer was able to take him down a few months back. Always willing to help and make a DISCOUNT when it is possible. If you go there and the price seems a bit to much even when he gives you a discount, REMEMBER THAT HE IS GETTING READY HELP YOU AND ALSO PROVIDE AN AMAZING SERVICE. That is why I say the threat not only your engine but they want to treat your heart, a human treat...THE SUCCESS OF THE BUSINESS!!! GO TO MASTER AUTO TO GET A MASTER TREAT!!! Words of a satisfied and happy customer, Cleiton Weimann

So helpful!

Anthony and his staff at MasterAuto were very helpful in our recent used car purchase. They provided all the info we needed, helped us to search for a car that fit our family's needs, and walked us through the purchasing process. They were there to answer any questions we had, worked patiently and kindly with us, and went the extra mile. Marie was a big help with all the purchasing paperwork, and so warm and friendly with our young kids. All the staff are very friendly and supportive; what a great place to purchase a car. Could not have had a better experience.